Retirement Tips for Small Business Owners

As a small business owner it is logical to think that your business will provide for you in retirement.  While that may be the case, it’s not a good idea to put all your eggs in that one possibility.

Simple IRA vs 401k – Which Should A Company Implement?

As a small business owner, perhaps you’ve been contemplating the best type of retirement plan to implement at your company. When looking to set up a company retirement plan for the first time, the amount of choices can completely overwhelm you.  In fact, there are over 20 different types of plans that you could potentially …

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SEP IRA vs Solo 401k

If you can relate to any of the following scenarios then this blog post is for you: You are a one (or multiple) owner company with no employees. You are a husband and wife owned company with no employees. You are a 1099 contractor with no employees. Over the past few weeks I have been …

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Is Gold A Good Investment ???

Over the last five or six years we have fielded several questions about gold.  Should gold be the place to invest due to our devalued U.S. dollar?  If we experience another recession, is gold a good investment?  Should I own physical gold coins and store them in a safe? It’s funny how these questions came …

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Unexpected Lessons From Hawaii

  Have you ever really looked forward to something and then afterward found that there were unexpected surprises?  My wife and I recently returned from a 3 week trip to Hawaii where we spent some quality time visiting with my dad, stepmom, and sister who live there.  The time away provided an opportunity to relax, …

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